Nitraspray nitrogen solutions for spray painting applications by Nitralife

Nitraspray nitrogen systems offer a paint application process that is consistent and reliable, resulting in superior paint transfer. Get a higher quality finish, using less paint, with better coverage – saving you both time and money.

With the use of Nitraspray nitrogen, a spray painter can significantly improve productivity and quality as well as decrease paint costs by 10 – 15%.

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Who is Nitralife?

Nitralife, manufacturer of the Nitraspray, is an international pioneer in the on-site generation of nitrogen gas, and, as such, is an expert in the continuous and reliable supply of high-pressure, high-purity nitrogen gas. The Nitrogen produced by Nitraspray nitrogen generators is pure, clean and dry meaning the molecules travel at uniform speeds and distribute themselves more evenly, providing a neater more consistent spray.

The features & benefits of Nitrogen

Nitralife – Nitrogen in Tyres

  • No oxidation/aging of tyres
  • Tyres run at optimum temperature
  • Tyres maintain pressure better
  • Extended tyre life
  • Safer, longer lasting tyres
  • Continuous reliable supply of on-site gas
  • Compressors installed and maintained by Nitralife, less hassle for you
  • Offer Nitrogen tyre inflation at your tyre shop or fuel station as an added-value service and retain more customers

Nitracut – Nitrogen for laser cutting and other industrial applications

  • Provides a continuous, reliable supply of Nitrogen assist gas
  • A fraction of the cost of cylinder nitrogen bundles or liquid bulk
  • No downtime as a result of running out of gas
  • No additional cost of renting and refilling tanks or replacing cylinders
  • No wastage from tank blow-off
  • The Nitracut automatically adjusts nitrogen production to meet demand from the laser
  • No bulk storage required
  • Small footprint. Only 2m x 2m. Can be placed right next to the laser
  • Nitracut 1, 2, or 3 available for all size lasers from 1kw to 12 kW

Nitraspray – Nitrogen for spray painting applications

  • Ultimate paint delivery system for high quality spray painting
  • Reduces overspray
  • Helps remove ‘orange peel’ and ‘fish-eyes’ caused by dirty or wet air
  • Reduces flash time and decreases bake time
  • Improves transfer efficiency, reducing paint consumption
  • Paint application process is more consistent
  • Superior paint transfer and higher quality finish
  • Utilises less paint, providing a better coverage